A Quick Look at Under Armour’s Latest Products

People love to look stylish while being comfortable in what they wear. With that, they always have the tendency to choose the ones that can be easily used everyday. Gladly, there are many brands that offer comfort and style at the same time. Among them is Under Armour. 

With their innovative styles, it is guaranteed that Under Armour quickly came to rise as a sportswear brand. Aside from their workout apparel and duffel bags, what people seem to love about them is the shoes that they offer. 

Here at Crock and Block, we help our customers have a closer look at the different styles of each shoe brand. With that, here are some of the latest releases of Under Armour. 

Curry Flow 8 Basketball Shoes

This shoe is a part of the Curry Brand, Under Armour’s sub-brand. This pair is rubberless which makes it really easy to use on the basketball court, especially because it has a nice grip. Aside from the fact that it is extremely light, these shoes also have two-pull tabs and a modern lacing system. 

The shoes are also supported by Pebax, making the players like Stephen Curry more stable as they play. Also, there are different colourways for this pair, making its users free to choose on their chosen aesthetic. 

Aside from Stephen Curry, here are other players who use this. 

  • Seth Curry
  • Kent Bazemore
  • Wesley Iwundu
  • Josh Jackson
  • Damion Lee

Women’s UA HOVR™ Sonic 3 Metallic Running Shoes

This pair of shoes is perfect for those who love to run for long distances. With this pair, women who wear this can enjoy the flexibility that this pair has to offer so that they can be better runners. With the help of UA HOVR technology, this pair also gives its users a ‘zero-gravity feel’ that helps eliminate the impact when they return. 

One of the materials used in these shoes is microthread. This makes it more breathable and lightweight when used. It also dries fast. Aside from that, this also has an impressive footbed to keep your feet comfortable. With regards to its aesthetics, it has metallic details. It also comes in two colourways — white and purple. 

Unisex UA HOVR™ Summit URBN TXT Sportstyle Shoes

Perfect for both men and women, this pair of grey shoes is built for those who love to be outdoors. Whether it may be running or for hiking, this type is considered as one of our fastest running shoes as it took inspiration from mountain bike tires. 

With the same technology used with the latter, users of this pair are guaranteed to enjoy durability and flexibility with this. Aside from its nice aesthetic, it is also lightweight and breathable when used. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to check out Under Armour’s unisex, men, and women’s shoes and see what you like most!

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