Timberland Latest Special Releases

Timberland Latest Special Releases 

Crock and Block would like to present Timberland Special Releases. They only offer one to three models from the collection below at a time. Get them while they’re available at stores near you or through online shopping. 

Winter Extreme

The Winter Extreme collection features 10-inch, seam-sealed waterproof boots for trekking down the tundra. They are insulated, stylish, and durable. The men’s 10-inch waterproof boots released in December 2019 features Vibram outsoles, Hazel Highway leather uppers, and anti-fatigue footbeds. 

Leather Gaiter Boot

The Leather Gaiter boot collection also offers outdoor, cold-climate footwear but with slim leather for a slicker silhouette and adjustable length. The 6-inch Premium Boot took inspiration from the all-leather collection which features a brand-new upper that compliments backcountry fashion with utility. 

These gaiter boots’ iconic feature is the variable roll height depending on the user’s preference or requirement. Aside from aesthetics, this feature works great for considering the current weather. It also features seam-sealed waterproof materials for the rainy or winter seasons. 

Nostalgia Co.

The Nostalgia Collection offers different styles of 6-inch Premium Boots adopting inspiration from retro designs or reviving phased-out products from Timberland. It often features NBA-related themes. Designs may vary between adopting the colour motifs of a team’s jersey or featuring printed logos of multiple NBA teams.

Retro and vintage designs are not the only focus of this collection. Timberland will also feature recently changed logos and designs that fans may wish to remember for years to come. All boots will be using the same shape and silhouette with the only change being the colour palette. 

Midnight Countdown 

The Midnight Countdown Collection offers the perfect festive pairs in celebration of important events such as the New Year and Christmas or any party. Each one is a luxury pair designed to be slick and clean in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are either shiny or decorated with bright accents to complement bright lights and champaign. 


The word ‘outdoor’ is not exclusive to the rough roads of the wilderness or cold environments of the tundra. Timberland CityForce Collection offers designs for blazing trails through the concrete jungle on a warm summer noon. 

This lineup features 6-inch Premium Bots with a soft sole powered by Aerocore, giving the wearer a comfortable anti-fatigue cushion that also protects them from hot pavement. This design also ensures that the pair is light and gives the feeling of freedom while walking down the street. 

Mixed-Media Gaiter

The Mixed-Media Gaiter Collection brings the all-leather design to the urban setting. It takes cues from 6-inch Premium Boot collections in terms of slick silhouettes, utility, and versatility then combines them with street fashion. The result offers three different roll heights for aesthetic and necessity. It can be worn straight up, folded down and loose, or buckled tight. 

Get Them For a Limited Time Only

These collections only feature new models once a year at best. Be sure to stay updated with Crock and Block or Timberland to get a unique pair while they are in the market. 

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