Best of the Latest PUMA Products

Best of the Latest PUMA Products

Did you know that the people who built Adidas and PUMA, earlier known as Ruda, are brothers? That’s something most people are not aware of, but now you know. 

This sibling rivalry and many others who want in on the sportswear game has expanded our choice for trainers and sneakers over the years. Today, we have countless brands to choose from so you might be in a bind on what to pick out. 

We will be highlighting in this article the best PUMA products offered in their latest releases.

If this is your favorite sneaker brand or you’re just starting to get into it, you better read on.

PUMA Products

In 2019, PUMA was named as one of the world’s most valuable sports brands. PUMA was established back in 1948 in Germany when Rudolf Dassler decided to create his own footwear brand after parting ways with his brother.

The logo of a leaping puma was chosen to represent the company because of its strength, dexterity, speed, adaptability, and perseverance. With the world’s best athletes and popular musical acts endorsing the brand, PUMA continues to be a mainstay in sneaker culture.

To guide you on the brand’s newest release, we’ve put together a shortlist of our favorites.

PUMA Oslo City OG

This design first appeared at the 1952 Olympic Games held in Oslo. It made its comeback in the ‘70s. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor activities.

PUMA Future Rider Ride On

This one got its inspiration from the Fast Rider sneakers. The Future Rider will give you a major throwback to the ‘80s with its unique retro design.

PUMA x Chinatown Market Future Rider

This design is released in collaboration with Chinatown market and features 2 monochromatic colorways.

So if you lean more on neutral tones, check this one out.

PUMA Style Rider Stream On

Considered as the upgraded version of the early Fast Rider, this sneaker still boasts its original vibrant colourway. Fitted with Rider Foam and PUMA Federbein outsole, your feet will experience ultra-comfort.

PUMA Suede Classic+

You can’t overlook the low-rise silhouette that the brand is known for. This sneaker is popular among skaters for over 50 years.


Its design was specially made to celebrate the UEFA Euro Championship in Italy when it was first released in 1968. Your sneaker collection should not pass up on this fashion staple.

PUMA x Randomevent Alteration

If you love the chunky look, you should get a hold of this.  

You can see other sneaker designs featured in this collaboration with Randomevent: The Deva, Ralph Samson Low, and CELL Alien.

PUMA x Les Benjamins Thunder Disc

This sneaker is part of the second collection released in partnership with the Turkish brand. Technical materials with trail-inspired lacing were used for all the shoes in this collaboration.

You can check out more of the latest styles and releases on our website. Take your sneaker collection to the next level. The newest PUMA products will excite you with its innovation and guaranteed quality.

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