Importance of choosing the right shoes for working out

Wearing the proper footwear can make or break your workout routine. If you don’t wear the right shoes, it’ll affect how you perform the routine and can cause a variety of injuries to your feet. Investing in the right footwear can improve your overall workout routine as well as give you comfort in your day to day activities. 

Here are some tips by the Crock and Block team on how to choose the proper footwear:

Understand why you need the shoes

Shoes shouldn’t be used for multiple purposes. There are different varieties of shoes and each one has a different function. If you need walking shoes, opt for stiffer sneakers to help support your balance. On the other hand, if you need a pair for running and cardio exercises, choose one with extra cushioning because it can handle your foot’s impact to the ground. 

Get to know the features of your feet

Understanding your feet doesn’t end only knowing their size. You have to go beyond that and measure the shape. Everyone’s feet have a variety of shapes and have different needs to be addressed. If you figure out the right shape of your foot, you’ll have to find out what shoes will fit its needs.

For you to determine the shape of your foot, you need to trace it on a piece of paper. If your feet have little to no curve, it means that you have low arches or borderline flat-footed. You’ll need shoes with motion-control features that offer maximum support and stability. 

Shop at the end of the day

Due to constant activities, your feet are bound to swell at the end of the day. It’s best to try out shoes during this time because the pairs you choose would fit better on your feet when they’re at their largest size. An additional tip for shoe shopping, always bring a pair of extra socks so that you can fit them alongside your shoes. 

Breaking in your shoes isn’t true

Shoes that aren’t comfortable on your first try isn’t a perfect fit for your feet. Breaking it in wouldn’t solve the problem. You need to find shoes that instantly feel comfortable so that you won’t have problems in the long run. Additionally, before purchasing the pair, walk around the store to test them. 

The rule of thumb

There should be a thumb’s width of space between the big toe and the edge of the shoes. This way you would be comfortable walking around without feeling any tightness on your toes. To test this, wear the pair before purchasing and make sure that you can wiggle your toes freely. 

Know when it’s time to replace your shoes

Once your shoes feel uncomfortable, it usually means it’s getting worn down. When this happens, the shoes start to fail giving support and can cause damage to your feet in the long run. Replace your shoes with a pair that offers ultimate comfort and support so that your feet won’t suffer. 

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