How to repair shoes

Crock and Block: How to repair shoes
Don’t you just hate it when your favourite shoes get damaged from either wear, age, or tear? Don’t throw your pair yet! There’s still something you can do. Here at Crock and Block, we’ll show you the best way to repair your shoes to keep it good as new. Let us show you how our shoe repair experts do their magic in your kicks!
Shoe problems and solutions!
There are a lot of ways in which your shoes can be damaged and each of them requires different treatments and methods of repair. Here are some of the most common shoe problems that you might encounter including a few options as a solution:
Scuffed shoes
Keeping your shoes tidy speaks a lot about your look and attitude! Having scuffed shoes ruins the whole aesthetic of your outfit and it needs to be fixed. Here are some of the solutions that we have for you:
Grab an eraser and gently rub it over the scuff in your shoes. This works best on leather and not patent leather.
You can use a shoe polish that matches the colour of your leather shoes. This can effectively cover the mark. If shoe polish is unavailable, you can use a shoe lotion to gently clean the surface.
If you’re afraid that you might ruin your lovely pair of shoes, head down to our repair shop and we’ll do it for you! We have an expert in our shop that can restore your shoes to its former glory.
Worn down heels
If you’re a busy woman, then you know how irritating it is when your favourite heels are worn down from all the walking you do. Here are some of the things that you can do for your heels:
Worn down heels are caused by constantly using your shoes in long walks, Try alternating your kicks every once in a while to keep your favourite pair’s life span a little longer.
Buy a rubber tap for your shoes to keep it from making direct contact to the pavement. You can replace it when it wears down.
If you absolutely must wear your favourite pair wherever you go and you don’t know where to find a rubber tap, then you might want to try SoleMates High Heeler. This plastic fits perfectly on the heels without damaging the surface. Moreover, it provides good friction that will prevent you from slipping into sidewalks, subway grates, and pavement cracks. It also comes in four colours: gold, clear, black, silver to complete a fashionable look.
Slippery soles
Save yourself from an embarrassing slip by repairing your slippery soles before using it. Here are a few tricks that you can do:
Try rubbing the soles of your shoes against rough surfaces like pavement. This will help create some traction to your pair.
Spray your soles using a cheap bottle of aerosol hairspray. The stickiness comes a long way in keeping you from slipping.
You can visit a repair shop and ask for a sole protector. This product is a ribbed rubber placed on top of your shoe’s original sole.

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